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Published: 23.03.2024

What does it mean to press a bet in golf

It's when a new bet is opened during the existing match. Let's say you're doing a $5 Nassau and on the front nine, you're down two after six. We always played it as press when you're down, meaning double current points, wager, etc. Only could press when down (unless waived at start). › Golf › Basics. The press, at its most basic, is a second bet that begins during the course of a round, joining and running concurrently with the original bet. A press is a smaller bet within the original bet. The value is most often set at the same amount as the original wager, typically resulting in a.
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A press is a new bet opened during the match by a golfer or team of golfers who is down in any bet in the match. That new bet is typically in. Under such conditions, rejecting a second bet isn't just poor form. It's the kind of petty move that is apt to come back to bite you karmically. The Nassau is a type of wager in golf that is essentially three separate bets. Money is wagered on the best score on each of the front nine (holes 1–9), back. Nassau betting is known for its variations, the most common being “presses.” A press is what does it mean to press a bet in golf new bet that starts during the round, usually.

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Most often, the pressing stakes are the same as the original bet. Since rules on pressing vary greatly, it is best to decide on ground rules before the round starts. Some typical pressing variations include:. There are several theories as to why the game was invented, but many think it was an ego booster for golfers who often had the results of simple matches published in the local newspaper.

A loss sounds much better than losing every hole or finishing behind by double-digit strokes. Nassau was designed to enhance the enjoyment in your round, not ruin it from added pressure. Keep the bets at a price everybody is comfortable playing and be sure rules are well established and agreed upon by all golfers before you take the first tee.

Typically, the auto-press kicks in when one player or team is 2 Down at any point in any bet. Particularly aggressive read: fun groups have a 1 Down auto-press, meaning there will be a ton of bets by the end of the round. In some circles, a player or team can call for a press only when they're 2 Down or worse. In better circles, a player or team can open a press on any remaining open bet at any time, even during a hole and even if they're winning.

Those are the kinds of people you want to play with if you like to be a little fast and loose with your money. Either way, a press is a great way to add some excitement to a golf match and keep things fresh for everyone involved. Ryan Ballengee is founder and editor of Golf News Net. He has been writing and broadcasting about golf for nearly 20 years.

If a player or team is four down through six holes on the front, the front side match is over and cannot be pressed. However, the trailing player or team may press the overall match, which is still in play. Down in the press and down in the overall or side, now is the time to add that second press and really dig yourself out of trouble, or conversely, fall further into it. For example, Player A is 4-up on the overall match through 12 holes.

Player B presses the overall match and wins hole 13, finding himself 3-down overall and 1-up in the press. What does it mean to press a bet in golf Now, Player A being a keen veteran of on-course gamesmanship, presses the press. The odds are in his favor that he can hold on to win the overall match, being 3-up with 4 to play, and he only needs to win two holes more than his opponent to secure the press and the second press.