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Published: 21.12.2023

Eric lindgren golf bet

Erick Lindgren normally shoots in the mid 80's on this course. From the tips, the course is about yards long. So to do this four times in. On June 27, , Lindgren won a $, prop bet with Gavin Smith, Phil Ivey and others. To win the bet, Erick had to play four consecutive rounds of golf. The bet was this: Erick Lindgren had to golf four rounds of golf in one day. Plus, he had to play golf in the + degree Las Vegas sun. Plus he. Like, $, big time. Photo via @rorymcilroy on Instagram. LAS VEGAS HEAT. Photo via @lindgren_erick on Instagram. Erick Lindgren is a poker. Erick Lindgren's posts. Erick : 6PM Cocktails at Conrad Lobby Bar ♠️: 7PM $ buy-in NLH Tournament It's literally called big bet poker live. Quote.
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Lindgren can never turn down a bet. One of his friends, Gavin Smith bet him $, that he couldn't play four rounds of golf under in one day at. golf cart. Had to crack in all 4 rounds. It was Eric Lindgren. It's on YouTube Worth. Some have asked how Erick came to actually owe me money, some even implying that I beat him out of it betting sports (I didn't). And while in my. We've seen it before in poker. From Ashton Griffin running 70 miles in 24 hours, to Erick Lindgren eric lindgren golf bet four consecutive rounds of golf in.

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The payout. Back in , he was part of a group that picked both the Baltimore Ravens to-1 and the Arizona Diamond to-1 to win their respective world titles. Needless to say, it paid out. Gambling is fun, especially if you win big. Back in , year-old Si Woo Kim become the youngest winner of the Players Championship in the history of the event.

Just how big of a long shot was the South Korean. His odds were to-1. Michael Jordan is one of the most competitive people on the planet, let alone the golf course. By subscribing, you accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Chris Chaney Follow. Lindgren was one of a group of professional poker players that made up the shareholders of Full Tilt Poker , one of the two largest online poker operators in the world during the poker boom of the s. Check out this hand from High Stakes Poker , which sees Lindgren taking on Patrik Antonius in a hand and getting into a bit of a verbal spar with Phil Gordon:.

Away from the poker table, Lindgren garnered a reputation for betting on his own ability on the golf course, as well as betting on sports in general. That post began a flurry of activity in the thread, with various people calling out Lindgren for not making good on betting debts.

The largest claim made in the thread came from Haralabos Voulgaris , who stated that Lindgren had owed him money for years. After the shutdown, information later was later released about a loan owed to Full Tilt Poker itself by Lindgren. With multiple debts mounting, Lindgren put himself in an even deeper hole by trying to gamble his way out of the debt. By the end of , with the situation spiraling out of control, Lindgren checked into a gambling addiction rehabilitation clinic.

Lindgren was married to fellow poker pro Erica Schoenberg in June , but the couple divorced in Who is Erick Lindgren. Eric lindgren golf bet Geoffrey Fisk Poker Players Jan 24, About the Author.