Golf Betting Games
Published: 09.02.2024

Individual golf betting games

Stroke Play. Stroke Play is the essence of golf, boiled down to its purest form. Best Ball (Fourball). Foursomes (Alternate Shot). Bingo Bango Bongo. High-low is a game for foursomes made of two-player teams. On each individual hole, the high scores and the low scores on each team each compete.
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Experience the thrill of golf game with our exclusive golf individual golf betting games games, designed to enhance your on the course golf betting experience. Browse now. 4 Player Golf Formats · Lagging · Foursomes · Greensomes · Gruesomes · Shambles · Canadian Foursomes/Pinehurst Foursomes · American Foursomes · St Andrews Foursomes. A friendly wager between golfers can also be a great way to maintain concentration during slow rounds. Thankfully golf is rich with betting. Question: What are ways we can have bets for individual rounds and the trip as a whole? The prevailing consensus is to have 2 man best ball.

Golf Betting Games: The Ultimate Guide

This game emphasizes low scores while not penalizing high scores. The points are as follows:. Format: Solo Players: 2 to 4 Complexity: Easy. Points are scored for:. It can also be played on top of a standard stroke play match. Format: Team Players: 4 Complexity: Easy. Sixes is played by dividing the round into three rounds of six holes.

Each player will have a different partner for each set of six holes. A scramble involves teams of two or four players. The team continues to play from the best shot until finishing the hole. Check out our golf scramble strategy guide. Each player plays their own ball, but only the lowest score for the team is recorded. This game can also be called better ball or four-ball. Format: Team Players: 4 Complexity: Low.

Form teams of two and then follow the Best Ball format, where players play their own ball. Take the lowest score for your team, but in the event of a tie, the lowest score of the second player is counted e. Format: Team Players: 2 to 4 Complexity: Low. Individual golf betting games To play Rabbit, everyone pays into a side pot. The first player to shoot a lower score than all the other players captures the rabbit.

They keep the rabbit until another player shoots the lowest score no ties on a hole. Whoever holds the rabbit on the ninth hole wins half the pot. A new rabbit is set free for the back nine, and the player holding the rabbit at 18 wins the remainder of the bet. You can also play a variation where the rabbit is released but not captured when a second player wins a hole, but this variation makes it possible for nobody to be holding the rabbit.

Format: Team Players: 2 or 4 Complexity: High. Format: Team Players: 3 Complexity: Medium. Defender is played with three players, where one player rotates being the defender on each hole. Points which are given a dollar value are awarded as follows:. Alternate Shot has teams of two that play the same ball by alternating shots.

It begins with player A teeing off on a hole, followed by player B hitting the next shot. They continue alternating until the ball is holed. Photo: individual golf betting games On the next hole, player B will tee off, and player A will hit the second shot. Ties are also handled similarly to Split Sixes. In Split Sixes or Niner, feel free to apply handicap strokes as fit to level the playing field. Designed for anywhere from two to four golfers, Bingo Bango Bongo fits perfectly with your threesome.

In Bingo Bango Bongo, three points are up for grabs on each hole. This ensures that in order to get points on a hole, you really have to earn them by holing a longer putt than your opponents' or hitting the green from the farthest distance. On the flip side, Bingo Bango Bongo is a great game to level the competition among a threesome of various skilled golfers. Golfers have been playing Nassau forever, any why not?

A Nassau is three separate matches rolled into one: front nine, back nine, and the entire hole round. Maybe you had your heart set on the four-person game Vegas but your foursome turned into a threesome at the last minute. Both concepts are simple and can really open up the doors for more golf games you can play with your threesome beyond just Vegas. The ghost is a scratch golfer , and it always makes par.

No birdies, no bogeys, all pars. Either way, the ghost is the fourth golfer in your foursome. Most golfers would love to make par on every hole, but very few can. Using the ghost and rotating partners every six holes allows you to play Vegas with a three golfers. In Vegas, each team score is the combination not the sum of both players' scores.

For example, Olivia is paired with the ghost and makes a 5 on a par 4, while the ghost is good for a 4. Meanwhile, Larry makes a 5 and Frank cards a 6, their score is After one hole, Olivia and the ghost lead by 11 points. The rest of the results and the corresponding points are in the grid below. At the end of the round add up all the points to see who won.

Play for pride or make each point worth a certain nominal value a quarter, dollar or Benjamin to be paid out at the 19 th hole. One final wrinkle to the game occurs when one player beats both competitors by two shots or more on a hole i. In this situation the player who made the par gets all 9 points on the hole.

A timely birdie or eagle can really make your day, especially if you are playing for a couple bucks a point. Be warned: This wagering game can get uncomfortable quickly if you're not careful. Banker is a game my friends and I will play when we want to test our nerves a bit or prepare for an upcoming event.

Wagers need to be placed to play, but you can always make the amount very small. Any group with three or more players can play. Flip a tee to decide who starts the round as the banker. The banker plays an individual match with each person in the group on that specific hole. They start by picking the max initial value to be played for.

Each player picks what they want to play for before they tee off, and the banker always hits last. It gets interesting on the tee because each player has the option to double their bet from the time they hit the ball until it lands. If you smoke one down the middle, it might be a good idea to double down. Phoenix challenger tennis 2023 The banker can also double when they tee off last, and that double goes into effect for their match with every player.

It can get pricey because if player 1 in a foursome doubles and then the banker does as well, the bet between those two on that hole has now quadrupled from its original value. The banker retains their banker status until they are beaten on a hole.

The person who beats them becomes the banker. If multiple players beat the banker, the player who was closest to pin in regulation wins the rights to banker on the next hole. This yet-to-be-named game has become a family favorite over the past few years shout-out to my older brother who came up with it.

Everyone in the group is on the same best-ball team competing against a fictional character. We use the numbers and designate certain numbers a score value. For example, we usually count the numbers as an eagle, a birdie, a par, a bogey and 25 a double bogey.

It may sound rather strange, but it creates a fun atmosphere where everyone is rooting each other on.