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Published: 17.02.2024

Golf betting formats

Nassau. Probably the most popular game, and one of the easiest to understand. Wolf. Wolf is a game for three or four players that quickly reveals your level of confidence in yourself and your playing partners. The best golf betting games to play with 3 players include Nassau, Skins, Scotch, Snake, Banker, Stableford, Bingo Bango Bongo, Rabbit, and. 45 Golf Betting Games That Will Make Any Round More Exciting · Alternate Shot · Banker · Best-Ball · Best Nine · Best to Next · Bingo Bango. 5 golf betting games guaranteed to liven up your rounds, according to a pro gambler · 1. Umbrella · 2. Wolf · 3. Hammer · 4. Daytona · 5. Hole-.
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Nassau. Nassau is arguably the most famous golf betting game, known for its simplicity and adaptability. The game is divided into three separate. The player teeing off first on each hole is the Wolf. The players take turns playing the Wolf based on the rotation of the established tee off order. 2) Play. Like in Skins, in Aces & Deuces you win the hole with the low score and you carry-over the bet. But unlike Skins, in Aces & Deuces you can also lose a hole with. Best Golf Betting Games: 10 Ways to Gamble Golf betting formats Your Friends on the Course · 1. Skins · 2. Two-Man Scramble · 3. Best to Next · 4. Nassau · 5.

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In Modified Stableford , the standard Stableford system is altered to use different point levels. For example, in professional golf at the Barracuda Championship on the PGA Tour, the points system is: plus 8 for an albatross, plus 5 for an eagle, plus 2 for a birdie, 0 points for par, minus 1 for a bogey, and minus 3 for a double bogey or worse. In par and bogey competitions each participant competes in match play against the course.

On each hole, the player competes against par or bogey in the traditional sense , and "wins" if they score a birdie or better, "lose" if they score a bogey or worse, and "halve" by scoring par. The player with the best win—loss differential is the winner. In addition to playing as an individual, golf affords the opportunity to play in many pairs and team formats.

Foursomes, or alternate shot , is a pairs format. Each pair has only one ball in play and players alternate playing strokes until the hole is completed. Foursomes can be played as match play or stroke play. A variant of foursomes is greensomes , also called Scotch Foursomes or modified alternate shot.

In greensomes, both players tee off and then select which ball with which to complete the hole. The player who did not hit the chosen first shot plays the second shot and play then alternates as in foursomes. Play then continues as in greensomes. Another variation of foursomes is Chapman , also known as Pinehurst or American Foursomes. Four-ball also known as better-ball , and sometimes best-ball is a pairs format.

Each player plays their own ball, with the better of the two scores on each hole counting as the pair's score. Four-ball can be played as match play or stroke play. In a scramble each player in a team tees off on each hole, and the players decide which shot was best. Every player then plays their second shot from within a clublength of where the best ball has come to rest, and the procedure is repeated until the hole is finished.

There are many variations on the scramble format. Golf betting formats Commonly played ones include Ambrose , which uses net scoring with a team handicap; Florida scramble , where after each stroke the player whose ball is selected does not play the next one; and Texas scramble , in which a set number of each team member's tee shots must be used.

In a champagne scramble or shamble each player tees off on each hole before selecting the best drive and completing the hole in using a variation of best-ball format. Patsome is played in pairs with holes being played in a rotation of four-ball, greensomes and foursomes formats. Typically, the first six holes will be four-ball, the next six greensomes, and the final six foursomes.

The Nassau is three bets in one: best score on the front nine, best score on the back nine and best score over the full The Nassau is perhaps the most common bet among golfers and can be applied to all standard scoring formats. In a skins game, golfers compete on each hole as a separate contest.

The player with the best outright score on each hole wins the "skin", which is prize money in the professional game or a wager for amateurs. If the hole is tied by any number of the competitors, the skin rolls over to the next hole so that it is then worth two skins. It is common for the value of the skins to increase as the round progresses.

Nines , or 9-points , is a variant of match play typically played among threesomes, where each hole is worth a total of nine points. The player with the lowest score on a hole receives five points, the next-lowest score 3 and the next-lowest score 1. Ties are generally resolved by summing the points contested and dividing them among the tying players; a two-way tie for first is worth four points to both players, a two-way tie for second is worth two points to both players, and a three-way tie is worth three points to each player.

The player with the highest score after 18 holes in which there are points to be awarded wins the game. This format can be used to wager on the game systematically; players each contribute the same amount of money to the pot, and a value is assigned to each point scored or each point after 18 based on the amount of money in the pot, with any overage going to the overall winner.

A variation on nines is sixes , or split sixes , in which six points are available on each hole, awarded with ties resolved as in nines. Bingo Bango Bongo is a points-based game that can be played by two or more players or teams. Photo: golf betting formats In Bingo Bango Bongo, three types of achievements are rewarded with a point: first player to get their ball on the green bingo , closest to the hole once all balls are on the green bango , first to hole out bongo.

The player with the lowest outright score on hole wins 2 points, i. At the end of the game the player with the most points wins. Learn more about Wolf. You can still play many games but try Nines or Three ball. Both fun games designed for 3 players. Play Nines if you prefer games where all hole scores count, Nines splits points per hole based on scores. If you are a fan of match play choose Three ball, and play individual matches against each other.

You had a bad round and lost the game but there are several holes to play. Make them count and add a short match. Learn about Match Play. Be smart when pressing and always check who has the stroke advantage. We are not talking alcoholic concoctions but be our guest if it settles the nerves. Betting is also exhilarating when you add the Blitz option, have a great hole and make it really count.

Learn more about Scotch. You can still have some fun. High handicap players tend to be high beta players, i. When a few lucky shots can win the match, focus your betting on Dots games. Learn more about Bingo, Bango, Bongo. Catch me if you can. The Rabbit goes to the person to hold the lowest score last. Part of the golf animals games, the Rabbit is a single-bet side game that can help offset a bad round or pile on the winnings.

How was the round. I was the Rabbit. Learn more about Rabbit. Because by virtue of its scoring system, Stableford caps bad scores at double bogies without removing the value of good holes. Hence, it has become a popular alternative to stroke play for amateurs that can see a decent round go sour by a blowout hole.

Learn more about Stableford. Games are designed to reward or penalize different parts of the golf game. In stroke play, the final score is what matters regardless of how you get there; on the other hand, points games reward or penalize good or bad shoots; and match play games are real character tests.

Try adding one of each in your next round for a more balanced competition. If you like stronger emotions, add a Blitz to your Scotch game or even presses. This game can also be called better ball or four-ball. Predictions for pga championship Format: Team Players: 4 Complexity: Low. Form teams of two and then follow the Best Ball format, where players play their own ball.

Take the lowest score for your team, but in the event of a tie, the lowest score of the second player is counted e. Format: Team Players: 2 to 4 Complexity: Low. To play Rabbit, everyone pays into a side pot. The first player to shoot a lower score than all the other players captures the rabbit.

They keep the rabbit until another player shoots the lowest score no ties on a hole. Whoever holds the rabbit on the ninth hole wins half the pot. A new rabbit is set free for the back nine, and the player holding the rabbit at 18 wins the remainder of the bet. You can also play a variation where the rabbit is released but not captured when a second player wins a hole, but this variation makes it possible for nobody to be holding the rabbit.

Format: Team Players: 2 or 4 Complexity: High. Format: Team Players: 3 Complexity: Medium. Defender is played with three players, where one player rotates being the defender on each hole. Points which are given a dollar value are awarded as follows:. Alternate Shot has teams of two that play the same ball by alternating shots.

It begins with player A teeing off on a hole, followed by player B hitting the next shot. They continue alternating until the ball is holed. On the next hole, player B will tee off, and player A will hit the second shot. If you have golfers of varying skill levels, you can try these games: Scramble, Bingo Bango Bongo, Snake, Wolf, or any game using handicaps. These games can all be played solo or with one player by themselves.

Your email address will not be published. Same my info for the next time I comment. Table of Contents. Number of Players Any 2 3 4 Large Group. Complexity Any Low Medium High. Golf betting formats Vegas Format: Team Players: 4 Complexity: Medium How to play Vegas In Vegas, teams of two compete by combining their scores into a double-digit number lowest score first , and the lowest team score wins the hole.

Scotch Format: Solo Team Players: 2 to 4 Complexity: High How to play Scotch In Scotch, there are five potential ways to earn points on each hole: Lowest score Lowest score for the team if there is a team Closest to the pin in regulation Lowest number of total putts Scoring a birdie No points are awarded if there are any ties.

The points are as follows: Four under par: 6 pts Three under par albatross : 5 pts Two under par eagle : 4 pts One under par birdie : 3 pts Par: 2 pts One over par bogie : 1 pt Two over par or more double or worse : 0 pts Another option for better players like on the PGA Tour is Modified Stableford scoring as follows: Three under par albatross : 8 pts Two under par eagle : 5 pts One under par birdie : 2 pts Par: 0 pts One over par bogie : -1 pt Two over par or more double or worse : -3 pts.

There are also some scramble variations: Shamble — play from the best team drive, but then play your own ball for the remainder of the hole and take the lowest score. One-Man Scramble — each player hits two balls and plays from their best shot.