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Published: 02.02.2024

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Sometimes team net best-ball scoring is used in more substantial games. For instance, at our club Cataraqui Golf and Country Club, Kingston, ON, Canada , there is a member-guest tournament in which results are determined with a team net best-ball. A portion of this entry fee is awarded in prize money.

In addition, there are organized pari-mutuel betting and side bets among individual teams. When additional players join in, the USGA recommends handicap allowances to provide equity in other forms of play. A few words of explanation: Higher-handicapped players generally produce a wider range of hole-by-hole scores than better, more consistent players.

This means that if full handicaps are used and a team can choose its best net score on each hole, the team getting the most strokes has a definite edge. The USGA designed recommended allowances that need to be applied in these circumstances to make sure these games are fair and negate the advantage of higher-handicapped players.

So the USGA understands that the handicapping system does not translate well to net best-ball matches. However, we will show that it is not always true that higher-handicapped players have an advantage. Suppose two golfers labeled Low and High are playing a one-hole match. The Low golfer is a good player and only gets a par 0 or even par or a birdie -1 or 1 under.

Suppose the Low golfer gives a stroke to the High golfer. Golf betting handicapper That is, for the purposes of determining who wins, the High golfer subtracts a stroke from the score he gets, and then the two compare scores to see who wins. Let us suppose that the probabilities of the possible results for each player are as specified below:. Once the High player subtracts a stroke from his score, he can get either a birdie, par, or bogey.

With these probabilities defined, we can easily work out the probabilities that each wins:. Now consider a net best-ball team game where the teams comprise two Low handicap golfers the Low Team and two High handicap golfers the High Team. Again, these teams will play one hole.

Additionally, we assume independence of the individual scores. Using the parameters p , q 0 , and q 1 , we can calculate the probabilities of various team outcomes net of the stroke that each player on the High Team gets:. Under these assumptions, a match between a Low golfer and a High golfer where the High golfer gets 1 shot is fair since each golfer has a probability of 0.

Hence, it does not follow that handicaps that make one-on-one matches fair also make team net best-ball matches fair. This example is consistent with what the USGA suggests about team best-ball matches, that the team with the higher handicaps has an advantage. However this is not always the case, as we are about to show with the example in the next section.

To keep the analysis reasonably simple, other scores like eagles and triple bogeys are not possible, so that. Consider a scratch golfer. Photo: golf betting handicapper These probabilities are shown in the second column. Based on these probabilities, we can work out the expected number of holes on which a scratch golfer would expect to record a birdie over 18 holes.

We can work out the same thing for holes parred, bogeyed and double-bogeyed. These results are shown in the third column of the table. So our scratch golfer, over a round, would be expected to get 2—3 birdies, about 12 pars, 3—4 bogeys, and the odd double-bogey. In our judgment, this reasonably characterizes the scratch golfers at our club. Additionally, we could calculate the number of strokes this average round would take relative to par.

To get this we calculate. In the case of our scratch golfer, his works out to 2. In other words, he or she would, on average, card a score of about 2 strokes above par over 18 holes. This is reasonable given the way the handicap system works. Additionally, we calculated a lower bound for the ratio of pars to birdies on the PGA Tour over the first part of the season up to, but not including, the U.

We simply want to point out that it is possible that the USGA suggestion for making team net best-ball games fair does not work for all handicap pairings. We do this over and over to generate a sequence of rounds. The details of the handicap calculation are burdensome.

Readers interested in the precise details of this calculation can consult the paper by Swartz listed in the Further Reading section. Worst case one or both of the guys miss the cut and you only get two days of action for your bet. Best case they go down to the wire on Sunday and you are entertained for four days off of a single bet.

Contrast that to a hand of blackjack which takes all of 15 seconds to complete and you can see why if entertainment is your goal, golf gives you way more bang for your buck. I call matchup shopping where you like a certain player and are down on another. Not every site has the same matchups. If you shop around you can often times find your favorite player going against someone you dislike, which makes it a great way to align your rooting interests with your financial incentives.

Line shopping is just trying to get the best price on your matchup. Each book is more willing to put up their own lines which helps the bettor who is willing to open up more accounts to shop for the best number. The odds to percentage calculator can help you translate lines across different formats. My biggest pet peeve right now is the television coverage.

I think television producers are missing the boat because you might make a bet and never see your player on TV. PGA Tour Live does a pretty good job of streaming the action, but I think they could take it up a notch by letting you watch any player. Even without commentary, I think fans and bettors would just enjoy grinding out the shots with their guys.

This is what happens to your payout if there is a tie. This is where the dead heat rules come in. An example should make this clear. Bryson and Rory both shoot 66, Thomas fires a What they do is give you half of your winnings. This is something that will come into play with not only 3-ways, but also bets on players to make the top 5, top 10, top 20, etc….

The number of different ways you can bet on golf is borderline insane. Here is an example from DraftKings. Masters odda Here you will find round 1 groups, tournament groups, round 1 matchups, tournament matchups 2-ways , and round 1 SixShooters. The first couple of rounds of a PGA event the golfers play in groups of 3, so you are just picking who has the best score out of the group for either the round or the tournament.

What you want to watch out for here is the tie or draw option. That means if your player ties the opponent you will lose. Most books do not have that tie or draw option. Using the image above 2-Way means that a push is a push.