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Published: 16.11.2023

Seaxy golf bets with wife

Competition is healthy. Remember back in your early dating days you'd be a the local pub, shooting pool, and you'd make little side bets with. The Golf Bet. Story Info. Innocent wager escalates sexy women in their foursome. We have begun to This is the first Loving Wives story I have seen involving. Bored-in-the-Bedroom Married Couples - Sexy Challenges are for you! These sexy, fun, sacred and sensual scenarios will help you heat up your sex life while. I've had fun sexy games at various venues by betting "If I get win, I get X, if you win, you get Y". Please note: I tend to bet on things I KNOW. › tag › couplesthatgolf.
Photo: seaxy golf bets with wife

Paulina Gretzky Fiancée of Dustin Johnson · Victoria “Tori” Slater Girlfriend of Daniel Berger · Ellie Day Wife of Jason Day · Annie Verret. A very beautiful and young woman golfer. sports betting application Stock Photo. Elle Brooke sparks rivalry with Paige Spiranac as she shows off her bum in lingerie in sexy golf photo shoot ELLE BROOKE has sparked a rivalry. Start by inviting your spouse, friends, and/or family for this fun evening at the greens! To make your invite, just fold along the seaxy golf bets with wife lines.

Birdies Expected; Woodies Guaranteed

Robin's large breasts began to rise in a slow rhythm as his tongue began to explore further into her now wet pussy. Jack lifted each of Robin's thighs with his hands and he delved further into her slit. That's it. Fuck me with your tongue That's it fuck me. Jack stood and said the bet was completed, the other pair had teed off.

Despite Robin's unfinished orgasm, Jack was right, the time for the tonguing was complete. Robin's pulled up her shorts to her knees and gently wiped herself with a clean golf towel from the cart. Brent and Jack just looked at each other and smiled, completely shocked at their good fortunes.

Neither had ever played a round of golf like this in their lives. Robin leaned over to Allison and whispered that Jack must be able to lick his eyebrows as he had just given her the tongue-fucking of her life. Allison looked at the small wet spot in the center of Robin's shorts and smiled. Given the extra encouragement from the open sexuality of the betting on the last hole.

Brent won the third hole of the day. Despite his football-type build, Brent had an unusually apt ability for golf. He always assumed it was just the hand eye coordination that a lifetime of athletics had created. When he called up Jack this afternoon, he had no idea it would lead to the words about to come out of his mouth.

While Robin and I tee off, blow Jack. Jack owed his buddy for this one and he began to unzip when Allison knelt before him. Allison was hungry for his cock as it had been weeks since she had been with a man. Seaxy golf bets with wife Allison was more than pleased with the cock dangling before her. It was by no means the largest organ she had seen, however its length and girth looked liked it could please her in every way.

She leaned and quickly engulfed as much shaft into her mouth as would fit. Allison was surprised as the shaft continued to lengthen and thicken under the care of her tongue. She took the tip between her lips and tried to suck as hard as she could. Grabbing Jack's balls in one hand, she began to play with them as she slowly lowered her mouth down the shaft.

Jack leaned back on the cart as Allison was giving the blowjob her all. Brent and Robin had finished teeing off and made it back to the cart to witness Jack's faces of sheer pleasure. With that, Allison leaned back and Jack's red rigid cock plopped out of her mouth. Jack continued to lay back on the cart, still unable to believe what was happening.

The adrenaline rush of the blowjob must have boosted Jack's game, because he nearly drove the ball yards despite the tent pole in his pants. Allison showed the first weakness for the girls and dumped her tee shot in a fairway bunker. Jack came down from his high and hit his next shot out of bounds and was done for the hole.

Robin did her best to prove Ken Venturi wrong This girl with tits can play. Photo: seaxy golf bets with wife Robin had her second birdie of the day and turned to Brent. She had been eyeing the bulge in his shorts as they walked up on the fellating couple a few minutes ago. She knew exactly what she wanted from him. Robin and Brent headed to the nearby trees knowing they had only about ten minutes or so until the other two finished the hole.

Robin immediately grabbed Brent by the crotch and whispered "Fuck Me Now" in his ear. Brent undid his shorts to reveal his boxer briefs that had been restraining his earlier stirrings. Robin audibly gasped at the sight of his dick. Robin was no stranger to dicks and this had to be the largest one she had ever seen.

She had never seen John Holmes, but had imagined that his dick looked something like this. Obviously, the earlier bulge she had noticed was no where near an erection. Robin was always sure of what she wanted and had the confidence of a beautiful woman with large breasts and a golf game good enough to beat the men.

Robin had never had anything this size in her before and wasn't sure Brent would fit. Do you still want it. Looking at the huge cock was making Robin wetter by the second. She now felt for the first time what the men must have felt by looking at her tits. It was a rush of excitement and a curiosity of the unknown.

For the first time, she could relate to the not so subtle stares and the shifting of men's eyes. She could not take her eyes off Brent's cock. Shw was getting wetter. And more confident. The thong she wore came down as well. In high school, Robin once had a boyfriend who was so small that he could never bring her to climax from behind.

Robin turned away and gripped a nearby tree with both hands and set her legs wider than shoulder length apart. Brent needed no further invitation. He eased behind her and placed the tip of his cock at the opening of her pussy. He used hands to gently spread her ass and expose her holes.

Despite the lack of time, Brent tried to slowly enter her. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Please sign-in to your account. Thank you. The Beauty of Golf. Best bets for the masters Omar Abdullah. August 21, at am.

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