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Published: 25.11.2023

Tour edge golf exotics e8 beta fairway wood review

Pros: Top-notch stock shafts, ample forgiveness and impressive ball speeds — a balance from which every player will benefit. The Tour Edge Exotics E8 Beta fairway wood delivers the extreme distance that made the Exotics brand a favorite among better golfers. Look: Pretty classic loocking fairway wood. Face looks deep from address, but not small. The club sits nicely behind the ball and you realize. › equipment-reviews › tour-edge-exotics-e8-tour-fairwa. This is a high swing speed, better players' fairway due to the low spin nature of the head design, so if that is you and you have the money.
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TOUR EDGE EXOTICS E8 BETA FAIRWAY #3 15* CLUB SPECS: LENGTHS: " MEASURED TO END OF GRIP LIE: STANDARD LOFT: tour edge golf exotics e8 beta fairway wood review SHAFT: ALDILA ROGUE 95 MSI 80G SHAFT. The E8 Beta fairway wood features an improved, slightly smaller head shape based on tour player feedback. The head also includes a slightly deeper face to. The company's E8 Beta model ($) has a more compact head shape that incorporates a beta-titanium cup face and a deeper face height, along with. The driver's Beta titanium face delivers Exotics legendary power and feel. To deliver elite performance for players with faster swing speeds, the Beta utilizes.

Review: Tour Edge Exotics E8 Tour 3-wood

The E8 Beta features one head with adjustable loft options from 8. This advanced versatility gives players the ultimate control in achieving optimal distance and accuracy. The Power Grid on the Beta model is strategically narrower than on the E8. This allows the center of gravity to be positioned closer to the face in the Beta, creating a powerful launch with minimal spin.

The Power Grid cells are aligned in offsetting rows, strengthening the design and allowing the cells to be made thinner for added flexibility and a more powerful launch. Variable face thickness technology offers multiple levels of thickness that maximize the spring-like effect from more points on the face, especially in the heel and toe areas. The Beta includes an added adjustability option by incorporating an interchangeable sole weight.

The driver comes standard with a 7-gram weight in the sole, but can be changed with the purchase of an optional weight kit. The three-piece weight kit includes a 5-gram, gram, and an gram weight. Store Outlet Customer Service. Tour Edge E8 Beta Adjustable Driver The new E8 Beta adjustable driver features a cc low-spin, deeper-faced head that produces a slightly lower, more penetrating trajectory.

Available in men's right hand. The smaller head along with a different feel off the face has me leaning toward the E8 Tour. But for the better 3-wood player, this is an excellent choice that fills a niche in the 3-wood market. For more information: www. Skip to content. Search Close this search box. Filling a niche for better 3-wood players. Tour edge golf exotics e8 beta fairway wood review The fairway wood market has exploded over the last couple years.

There is a club, a shape and a distance that different clubs offer. Tour Edge Exotics 3-woods have been some of the best in all categories over the years. This year their E8 line offers 3 different options. Standard, Beta and Tour. The Tour fits a great niche market for those who want a compact look with amazing distance.

Many other 3-woods brag about distance, but are more like a mini-driver than a 3-wood. The Tour Edge Exotics E8 Tour 3-wood is closer to a hybrid size, yet still gets the ball way out there. It allows them to make a cup face for a small bodied 3-wood. This process makes for one really hot, yet compact 3-wood.