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Published: 29.03.2024

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Well, according to Charles Barkley, the 6x time NBA champion once bet $K on a single putt when playing golf. (Starts at ). Michael Jordan often bet six-figure sums during his golf matches, at least according to his long-time pal Charles Barkley. After Michael Jordan retired in , Charles Barkley was sure that MJ's handicap would go down. Therefore, he demanded a solution during. Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley routinely played for $1, per hole in their matches. It's no secret that Michael Jordan loves to gamble. Last year, Barkley admitted that he bet $, on himself to finish in the top 75 at the American Century celebrity golf tournament. But his.
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Fellow NBA Hall-of-Famer and golf-gambling buddy Charles Barkley broke it down on the Dan Patrick Show. As it turns out, Jordan's golfing bets are bigger than. Well, at this point we don't really know. All we know is while he was not busy dominating the NBA, MJ liked to gamble. From betting on golf to. During the call, the two agreed on a $ bet for a very petty reason. Barkley was confident that his body weight was well barkley jordan golf bet pounds. On. Crazy story from Charles Barkley about betting with Jordan on the golf course! (Via @newninegolf) Follow @bogeysocietygolf Follow @bogeysocietygolf.

Charles Barkley Revealed Michael Jordan Played Golf For $300K A Hole: "It Was Crazy Man"

Then Barkley explained the ridiculous amount of money that Jordan used to have on the line, while Barkley would be playing for a few hundred bucks. They were playing for like hundreds of thousands of dollars, it was crazy. Chuck also explained his own gambling issues and what his friends had to tell him to get him to be smarter when he gambles.

I probably won a million dollars five times, and I probably lost a million 25 times. So I developed this thing where I had to win a million. And then you lose that and you lose your credit. Barkley has been a television commentator, while Jordan moved into the NBA ownership role. According to ESPN , the friendship was fractured when Barkley made some unflattering comments about the way Jordan was running his Charlotte franchise.

And the thing that really pissed me off about it later is Phil Jackson said the exact same thing. Barkley was hurt that Jordan maintained a relationship with Jackson, his former coach, but shut off Barkley, his good friend for a couple of decades. And I do, I feel sadness.

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