Golf Betting Games
Published: 24.03.2024

Friendly bets during golf

Nassau (AKA Best Nines) We can assume that this golf course bet started in the Bahamas, and there are many nice golf courses in the Caribbean. Wolf. For each hole of the course, players will take turns being the 'wolf' on each hole. Bingo Bango Bongo. Chicago (AKA 39s). Skins is one of the best golf betting games to do in combination with others. For example, you can have a skins game in your larger group.
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Golf isn't just a test of skill and patience; it's also a playground for friendly wagers and competitive fun. Golf friendly bets during golf games, spanning a. 5 golf betting games guaranteed to liven up your rounds, according to a pro gambler · 1. Umbrella. In this 2-vs. · 2. Wolf. Travel · 3. Hammer. Two 2-man teams. Best net score on a hole wins the hole. 3 bets: $5 for the front 9, $5 for the back nine, $5 for the overall Nassau is generally accepted to be the most common side-betting game. Essentially it contains three bets: low score on the front nine holes, low.

Let’s make it interesting: Popular golf side bets and formats

A new Rabbit is available for the back 9. It can then be won starting on the following hole. This introduces the possibility of the Rabbit being loose on the 9 th , in which case, it is lost. Players then have the option of doubling the value of the Rabbit on the back 9. A great game, full of twists and excitement. Thus, every hole can have different partners.

The player teeing off first is the Wolf. He then watches as each of the other players hit their tee shots. The Wolf has the option to pick one of them as his partner on the hole — but he must choose the player immediately after that player has hit i.

If the Wolf decides that none of the other 3 shots were to his liking, he may play the hole alone, against the other three. If so, then both the Wolf and his partner score 1 point each If they lose, then the Hunters get 1 point each. Ties may be carried over, or erased. A Wolf playing alone receives double the points if he wins, or loses double points to each of the other three players if he loses.

In Lone Wolf, the winnings are worth triple but so are losses. For those truly adventurous or foolhardy , the Lone Wolf may declare his intentions to go it alone before his own tee shot. In this case, all bets are quadrupled. Note: The player in last place after the 16 th hole is usually given the courtesy of being the Wolf on the 17 th and 18 th holes.

This game can be played by any number of players, and is based on points. The beauty of this game is that it puts hackers on an equal footing with scratch players — without handicaps being needed. Friendly bets during golf To Play: There are three points available on each hole. The first player to get his ball on the green gets a point Bingo. Once all balls are on the green, the player whose ball is closest to the pin gets a point Bango.

And the player who is first to hole out gets a point Bongo. Example : Our foursome tees off on a par-4, and everyone outdrives Dan. Angus and Ben both hit their approach shots safely onto the green, but Charlie leaves it just short, on the fringe. Now that all 4 balls are on the green, the closest to the pin Charlie gets the Bango point. He is the first to hole out, and earns the Bongo point.

The payout: At the end of 18, the player with the most points wins. Note that this game requires strict etiquette to be enforced. Tee-off honours must also be followed best score on the previous hole tees off first, and so on , especially on par-3s. This is a great 2-person team game that really lives up to its name.

It is also a fun variation for a social tournament. Photo: friendly bets during golf From there, the team members play alternate shots until their ball is holed out. So, if Angus hit the chosen drive, then Ben plays the second shot, Angus would play the third shot, and so on until the hole is completed. At the end of the hole, the team score is recorded. The lowest hole team score wins the pot.

For example: Charlie hdcp 15 gets 15 free shots to play any time he wants. You are allowed to include other betting scenarios as well where a player might be given a bad break such as making par or better after hitting a tree, going over a hazard, out of bounds, etc. This side golf game is usually played in a threesome or foursome golf game. Before the start of the round, all players agree to a prize amount for winning the bet.

On the first hole, whichever of the players scored the lowest amount captures the rabbit. If they manage to keep the lowest score for the first of nine holes, they win the bet. Potentially, a player can win double the amount if they amazingly kept the lowest score on all the holes all the way to the 18th green. However, should there be a tie on the first hole, no one gets to capture the rabbit, and this can continue on over the next holes until someone eventually does manage to acquire the lowest hole score.

In other words, if it was someone else who managed to score the lowest on that hole. It is on the next hole that players can try and capture the rabbit by singly scoring the least. Since a player has to keep the rabbit for each of the nine successive holes, this can be a really tough side bet to win.

Nonetheless, it is this very challenge of achieving victory that makes winning this bet all the more satisfying. A 3-putt on the green is something that all golf players generally wish to avoid. This side bet makes such an outcome all the more punishing as well as add a whole lot of extra uncertainty to the gameplay. In this side golf game, whoever has the first 3-putt gets the snake , and it stays with them through the round until someone else 3-putts, in which case, it gets passed over to them.

This process of passing continues until the conclusion of the round where the latest person to be passed over the snake owes the rest of the players the agreed-upon bet amount. To keep track of the side bet easier, many golfers may bring an actual rubber snake to pass along between them during the game session.

Rather, each time the snake gets passed, the amount doubles, further increasing the stakes and intensifying the competition. In this snake format, it is highly advised to take extreme care with setting the initial amount. Through the round progress, it could potentially balloon to a significant sum.

Thus, this modified snake format is not recommended for groups composed of high handicappers. Just imagine the loss to the player in a game where the snake gets passed a total of 12 times. Unless, of course, real money has instead been replaced by a point system, steer clear of including this modified version if your obviously not a skilled golf player.

Rather, it relates to the trait associated with the real animal — quickness. After all, the side bet is all about having the lowest score and, thus, trying to keep way ahead of the rest of the pack — figuratively sprinting your way towards victory. You might know it by other names, but it simply refers to any area of the golf course that may provide a significant obstacle to playing the ball.

Special rules may apply while playing your ball within a hazard. For example, you are typically not allowed to touch the ground with your club before playing the ball, and any ball lying here can be played without incurring a penalty. Usually, golf course hazards are of two types — water and bunkers. A water hazard can include lakes, rivers, and ponds.

It can be further divided into two types — lateral adjacent to the fairway and intersected crossing through the fairway. Meanwhile, a bunker hazard includes sandpits, and any depressed landscape formation from which driving a ball could be quite challenging.