David Delahunty – Head Professional

David Delahunty is the Club professional at Mount Warren Park Golf Club, David took over from Gary Burmester in March 2017. David and his wife Kai came from Emerald GC up in the Central Highlands of QLD to take on the role here at the club. David was also previously the Golf Professional and Golf Operations Manager at The Colonial and also Gainsborough Greens. Dave is an Advanced Certified member of the Australian PGA and was the 2014 Queensland Club Professional of the year. Dave was asked why he does what he does? I love the game and the people who I have met through this great game. I really enjoy my job so much so that it doesn’t feel like a job, I’m just doing what I love!

Dave enjoys coaching and helping others, he is an accredited club fitter, very knowledgeable when it comes to club repairs and loves the re competitive with our pricing and also provide our customers with professional advice and fitting when buying. Dave stocks a large array of products including demo for customers to try, he also has all the fitting equipment for all the brands so if you are looking to invest in some new gear give Dave a try as I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised on the service and save some money in doing so.

Kai Delahunty

Kai Delahunty is Dave’s wife and also works in the golf shop. Kai is from Japan and has lived in Australia since 2001. Kai loves golf too and at one stage she was playing off 3. The addition of two daughters has slowed her time down on the course but she certainly still enjoys the game when she does get out there. Kai has really good knowledge of golfing products and you will be ensured a big smile and welcome when entering the shore if she is working.

Nicklaus Rogers

Nicklaus Rogers works full time in the Mt Warren golf shop, Nick finished his PGA traineeship in 2016 and is now fully certified as a PGA professional. Nick teaches the juniors twice a week, Wednesday and Saturdays and is loved by all the members. Nick through doing his apprenticeship under Bunga has great knowledge of club repairs and is a good coach to go with it. Nick has a good understanding of all the latest gear and is happy to share his knowledge with the customers. Nick is a real asset to the club, plays great golf and is well admired by his peers in the industry.

Tanner Jackson

Tanner Jackson is currently doing his PGA traineeship under Dave. Tanner was a local junior growing up in the area just down the highway playing at Gainsborough Greens. Tanner is a very good player and works hard on his game. Tanner has good knowledge of all the gear on the market and is learning the skills of coaching, repairs and club fitting all of which he is exceeding expectations. Tanner has good knowledge of the swing mechanics and will make a good PGA professional when he gets through his time.

Harris Ferran

Harris Ferran has coached in this local area for over 20 years, helping many a golfer improve their game to the next level and above. Harris has a great knowledge for teaching and his happy go lucky attitude really ensures his pupils will have a great time in learning. Harris has a large following of juniors and has helped many of his juniors become great players over the years. Harris mainly coaches at our driving range running clinics, school holiday camps and individual lessons. Harris does also work in the shop and being a professional for so many years has a great knowledge of repairs and club fitting. Harris knows just about everyone in the area who plays golf as most of them have had a lesson or have ran into him at a club at some stage. For lesson bookings or to find out what clinics we have coming up give the shop a call.