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Published: 28.02.2024

Ti tech beta ti ls golf balls

TiTech Beta T1 LS 18 Golf Balls White 6 Sleeves Killer Distance. product rating. retailreseller (); % positive feedback. $ Free shipping. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Intech Beta Ti Golf Balls (36 Pack) at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our. This pack of Beta Ti balls offers such features as a Surlyn cover, dimple technology, and a two-piece construction. The star of the show, however, is the. I just got like 50 balls of these for free (intech Beta Ti, intech HOT, TiTech Titanium, etc). Once again, never heard of them before. Looking for more distance and a soft feel on the green look no further than the Intech beta Ti low-compression golf balls. - With a focus on precision.
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TiTech Titanium Optimum Distance 36 Cut-Proof White Golf Balls - New/Sealed Box. More Info. UPC-A: 0 4. EAN. Shop and save with VarageSale, your free virtual garage sale app. Hundreds of deals added daily on new and used furniture, purses, kid's stuff and more. Ti-Tech XG4 Women's Golf Set With Matching Golf Bag 8 Clubs. SOLD$ · 2 Packs 6Balls Ti TECH Beta TI LS Thin Cover Ti tech beta ti ls golf balls Balls High Energy Release NEW. Introducing the latest addition to your golfing essentials - the TiTECH BETA TI LS Golf Balls in a box of Designed for the avid golfer who values precision.

Intech Golf Beta Ti Balls

Originally Posted by blankwall. I am a 15 handi 15 year old golfer and i need help choosing a golf ball i never got my swing speed but my driver distance is around and my seven goes like i am looking for a ball that does a little more i never hook or slice i was thinking something low compression such as dt solo or the noodle maybe nike super soft or maxfli red max nxt or anything give me some suggestions all are welcome thanks.

Hey Big Bertha Reds are a good distance ball and I just got a free dozen hx tours haven't played them but I'll soon see how they perform. Now that being said I see your fifteen and probably don't have alot of extra cash so one ball I have played for cheap that I enjoyed was an Intech titanium hot. They are avliable at Wal Mart for 9. The problem is they are non conforming to the U S G A standards.

Apparently they are heavier and a smaller diameter. I do believe that they go farther than most conforming balls but have never hit three or four of each beside each other to really see. But when I play a course back to back they do seem to fly farther. Pretty damn durable as well. I should add that they tend not to stop as fast as other balls on the greens. They lack bite. Posts 1, Rep Power Laddie Extremes.

If your looking for a ball to just play normal rounds, I'd get the Titech Beta-ti Ls. They are soft,very durable, and overall a very good ball. However, I just learned that they are not on the USGA conforming list, supposedly due to a smaller size and heavier weight.

They don't play extremely long, similair to most balls. If you play in tournaments, I don't know because the only balls I ever play are the Titechs and Pro V1x for tournaments, which I get for free. I do like the Titechs better though. Ti tech beta ti ls golf balls Prev 1 … Go to page. Go to page. First Prev 16 of 98 Go to page. Inioch Morgan Cup participant!

Jeff Spicoli said:. CT is an improvement in feel. Are you concerned it will not spin enough on irons and wedges. See my post from above. Used the same ball for 18 holes with trees and who knows what else being hit with it and it held up well. Click to expand Jeff Spicoli Grandaddy X!!!!. Inioch said:. Photo: ti tech beta ti ls golf balls Yes I'am. I'm not a high spin player in irons and wedges and the Aerojets I currently game are not the spinniest clubs.

The regular CS was running a bit too much after landing for my liking. Our greens are small. If I do hit the green, Iwant the ball to check quickly. Bernoulli Team Hackers 4Life. Nerdy said:. I very much want to try out this new ball this spring. Last edited: Jan 4, OldandStiff AlsoBald.

This is one I was thinking of with the Chrome Tour X early. This is from the rough, and it runs away over the ridge. Technically downwind too. I just feel like if you can't spin the X you just can't spin a ball. It does anything you want it to. One thing I didn't notices that is mentioned is the different dimples.

Some golf balls make changes that are obvious I didn't pick up on this disappointingly. Listening to some old, stiff, and bald guy talk about golf balls makes me want to go play in the mud. If you are happy with the spin you are seeing from the XLS now, then I don't think you will have a problem with the Chrome Tour. This is the only new item thread I have had a chance to read through today due to work, but it has got me seriously thinking about which of the new balls I might want to play Currently playing the CSX, but from the various posts in the thread I am wondering if the Tour might be a good option this time round - if I can lower driver spin a touch but keep good spin around the green I am good.

Pops Formerly Bbutler. Great info. Loved the CSX last season. Will be giving them all a try for In my mind CSX is the front runner. It was really interesting how close they were for you overall. Interesting with the carry yards in that they were pretty close together, but you can't deny the ball speed that CSX is delivering. I have been playing the CSX since it came out and It's changed my game for the better.

I suspect the ball speed gains are contributing to the yardage increase I am seeing. I didn't see it in the video, but I was wondering how Canadan felt about the feel from each ball off the face of the club. Jman Here for the Conversation. The data is perfect. And it is pretty cool because of the effect we see here, it spins more, yes, but that natural speed keeps it in line with the other for carry.

Now, add in someone who the spin profile fits their lower spin needs and you have the longest ball out there imo. Jman said:. Sky bet golf open Jeff Spicoli Grandaddy X!!!!. Love, love, love this video. Great breakdown of the differences between the different models. Are you still a pretty low spin guy. I seem to remember you saying that had switched some of late. JW Smoove Waffles, always waffles.

The CSX for slower swing speeds - about off driver. To get the extra spin to enable more carry. Asking here to be sure I understand it. Second question, the LS version was higher spin - or almost the same as the OG, so - I know I must have missed it, but what does it bring - if it's not really LS?

I need to look at the data table again - I guess. Great data demonstration. JW Smoove said:. You must log in or register to reply here. Style chooser Nighttime Golfing Change width.