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Published: 20.01.2024

Bet irons for a single digit handicap golfer

Top pick · Cobra King Tour Iron · Ping i Iron · Ping i Iron · Titleist T Iron · Titleist T Iron · TaylorMade P7MC Iron. 14 Best Low Handicap Irons Reviewed. Mizuno JPX Forged Irons. Editor's Pick - Best Feel. With top brands like Cobra, Srixon, TaylorMade, and Mizuno offering specialised irons in , low handicappers have plenty of options to choose. In this guide, we look at the best compact mid-handicap irons in that offer feel, forgiveness and playability for the average golfer. Blades may be a step too far but I'd highly recommend a nice set of compact, forged, player's CBs. There are plenty of good options out there.
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Who It's For: Elite ballstrikers, college players and low single-digit handicap golfers who demand the ultimate in feel and control. The Skinny. PING i Irons. Our low handicap testers unanimously chose the PING i irons as the best. It was the longest and fastest iron for two of the three golfers. The objective is to help bet irons for a single digit handicap golfer golfers find a set of irons that will take their handicap down to the single digits. We'll take a look. What makes an iron suitable for mid handicappers? The best golf irons for approximately 20 handicapper are typically known as game-improvement irons. They.

Best Golf Irons 2024: The data-backed green finders that promise more looks at birdie this season

Lots of shaft options at zero upcharge. Cons All the Mizuno Pro irons are seriously costly options in Things have changed significantly today. Thanks to tungsten weighting inside and a hollow body construction the P has a slightly higher MOI. Which is good for golfers who hit lots of straight shots, but less attractive for golfers who like shaping shots onto a flag. In our test, the P produced a ball speed 2.

Thanks to the hollow body and thin face shots launched with a fraction less spin, yet peaked out higher, and hit the green at a steeper angle 0. In my book, those are all seriously impressive stats that will help decent club golfers score a fraction lower, more often. Read our full TaylorMade P irons review. Pros Good levels of forgiveness for a player's iron.

High ball flight apex and steep descent angles. Packed with ball speed and forgiveness-enhancing tech. Cons Not ideal for those who like to shape shots. Even though the new fast-face Mizuno Pro gave up 4. His thinking came down to loving the punchy feel of the Pro, and how its slightly weaker 7-iron loft gave him the hanging rather than boring ball flight he prefers.

Our test data utterly supports what his eyes and gut feel were telling him. My advice to anyone trying to fathom this conundrum is to go and try them side by side. From there be led by your ability to customize. The P is the gift that keeps on giving for TaylorMade. Bet irons for a single digit handicap golfer Now into its 4 th generation since launching in the model continues to go from strength to strength and remains the model other brands most want knocked from its pedestal.

Let me explain. At When we put the P's aesthetics, feel, and sound into the mix along with a tied 2nd performance for carry distance drop-off and a shot area Pros Having the option of trying stronger and weaker lofts during a fitting is genius thinking. The players' distance iron that has more proven pedigree than all of its competitors. A slightly lighter regular flex shaft opens the model up to more average swing speed players.

Cons A truly difficult iron to fault. The iron family has won a stack of awards previously here at TG and the most recent GEN6 P is just about the best the company has to offer in the hollow body iron arena. In terms of performance, the P stuck stubbornly on our test averages for launch angle, backspin, shot height, and descent angle, but was faster, longer and produced a tighter carry distance drop-off and shot area.

To me that says the model will be super playable out on the golf course versus some of the other models in this category. Pros We love how golfers can go lighter or heavier in weight and longer or shorter in shaft length without moving the center of gravity location. The GEN6 P and XP are some of the best looking, feeling, and sounding players' distance and mid-handicap irons available.

PXG fitting experiences are second to none. Cons Keep an eye on PXG's website, prices are prone to fluctuate and fall on a regular basis. Like its siblings, the ZX5 is an absolute beauty, oozing classic subdued and understated Japanese gorgeousness. Photo: bet irons for a single digit handicap golfer Nothing about this model is in-your-face bling or trumped-up tech, which is just what proper players are after.

Now that need not be a major issue, so long as you have reasonable levels of speed as this is one of the weakest lofted models in the distance category. Pros Classic, understated, and timeless looks. Available to mix and match with any of Srixon's ZX models.

Still winning awards in its second year of play. Cons Lower spinning than our test average. The 'Players' Distance Iron' category was only really created in when Callaway reintroduced the forged but strong lofted Apex marquee which golfers went gaga for. What Wilson very cleverly does though is build some ball speed and distance tech into this forged beauty, they also deck it out in a traditional shiny, highly polished finish that gives a timeless classic appearance.

Our data also highlights a slightly lower, less hanging ball flight which tends to be desirable for more serious golfers than those just wanting to look the part of a low double-digit handicapper with a great set of irons in their bag. Read our full Wilson Dynapower Forged irons review. Pros Competitively priced in the current market.

Every bit as good as the top-performing players' distance irons on the market. Cons The traditional polished chrome finish is just a little old hat and prone to glaring in bright sunlight. The Qi has a huge amount going for it. The model has a really attractive and desirable head shape and profile, yet it maintains good levels of hosel offset to help flight shots higher for additional carry distance.

The idea allows golfers to see before they buy the effect loft and lie adjustments have on performance and data which means this versatile model is well suited to a vast audience of abilities, speeds, and deliveries. If you do then the Qi will help hit shots a little straighter and closer to your target as long irons are inherently tough to hit accurately, especially from the turf.

At yards it was tied at the top of the pile as the longest mid-handicap iron we hit this year. Those headline numbers are all well and good, but my eye is drawn to how the model launched and flew higher than our test averages. That performance led to shots hitting the green at a steeper angle making the Qi playable in a way traditional strong lofted irons never were a decade ago.

Read our full TaylorMade Qi irons review. Pros Available in stronger and weaker lofts for gapping purposes A bulletproof iron that will stand the test of time Extremely good-looking forgiving iron for mid-handicap golfers. Cons Offset could be off-putting for some golfers.

Historically Titleist irons have struggled to feature among our very top-performing irons of the year, which predominantly comes down until now , the brand's summer launch schedule has meant their offerings feel a bit old hat, and hard to heartily recommend by the time we test them six or eight months later.

Our test data shows the T almost to a tee follows our test averages, which to many might not scream top performer. To take full advantage of what Titleist has to offer ensure you get properly fitted as the brand prides itself on being custom fit leaders. Read our full Titleist T irons review. Pros Premium finish and quality you'd expect from Titleist.

Lovely sound and feel. Workable lofts. Cons Not a standout performer but does everything well. The G family has evolved into an attractive and desirable model especially in the shorter irons and wedges , yet they remain ultra-forgiving, a point highlighted by the model posting the second smallest carry distance drop-off and second tightest shot area of our entire mid-handicap iron category.

Read our full Ping G irons review. Pros Very forgiving Arguably the best-looking G series iron Ping has ever produced. Good loft options with retro and power specs available. Cons Spin could be higher but this is achievable with weaker lofts. Having learned the error of their ways and the effect their decision had on reducing iron sales last year their thinking has dramatically changed for Thanks to producing the fastest ball speed The Taylormade P irons are next on our list of the best low handicap irons for a few reasons:.

I spent a couple of weeks with the Ps. On the range, on my mat, and on the course. Andalucia masters 2023 leaderboard My only regret was returning them. They can deliver any shot your skill level allows. High and straight is their default, but you can:. These are premium blades and play like them. They are made for shot-making. Having said all that — I was able to get around the course with them fine.

My distance and ball flight were good when I made good contact. Customer Reviews: Again, not a whole lot out there. But, what there is is positive. Complaints center around shipping and delays and such. Worth a test at your local golf store or through Global Golf. I spent multiple days on the range and a round of golf hitting the i59s. Low handicappers can absotively use game improvement irons.

I did — Callaway Big Bertha Fusion irons, to be exact. Whether you want more or less spin on your irons depends on your current trajectory, your distance, and how well you hold greens. Low handicap golfers should use whatever irons give them the most consistency — both distance and shot dispersion. I consider a golfer with a handicap below 8 to be a low-handicap golfer.

Maybe even 7 and lower. Yes, a 4. You have to do a lot of things right and consistently to maintain a 4. My 1 suggestion is to test before you buy. I use it and recommend it. We may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. Bet irons for a single digit handicap golfer However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. All Rights Reserved. Written By Jamie. Last Update March 7, Table of Contents Toggle. Best Player Cavity Back. Best Value. Still looking. Shop Curated Golf. Shop Global Golf. Editor's Pick - Best Feel. Cons: Still looking. We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Taylormade P-7MC Irons 4. Cons: None. Cons: Bring your distance. Titleist CB Irons 5. Cons: Nada. Cons: Pricey. Ping i Irons Highly Recommended. Cons: Price. Highly Recommended. Golfalot Says : I was really impressed by the upgrades to the model and it ended up being my favourite iron of the whole T Series range this time around. Quick Hit : Great looking and feeling better-player irons which offer excellent value for money.

The Tech : Twenty grams of high-density tungsten placed in the toe of the mid and long irons enhance stability at impact, whilst lowering the CG for more consistency. The forged carbon steel face gives a muscle-back feel, while the cavity back design gives more consistency on all shots. Golfalot Says : These are great irons that tick a lot of boxes and I really believe that they will stand the test of time too.

Quick Hit : Brooks Koepka's new irons look and feel fantastic, and are more forgiving than you might think The Tech : A Tour Cavity is used to reposition mass to the perimeter and centre of the head, giving it a larger sweet spot. A V-shaped Tour VT sole is added to the sole of the iron, helping to improve turf interaction.

Golfalot Says : The Srixon ZX7 irons are pretty close to faultless if you're in the market for a 'better player' option. They look fantastic, feel great and perform brilliantly. Quick Hit : Stunning looking irons are built for the best players in the game. Feel, feel, feel.